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Based in Tampa, Florida with a satellite office in Orlando, Belt Engineering provides structural and civil engineering services for commercial, government, industrial, and residential projects. Belt Engineering is licensed in multiple states to meet the needs of our clients. We perform structural, threshold, and stormwater inspections within the Central Florida Region.

“Engineering that won’t Buckle under pressure.”

Mission Statement

Our mission is to conservatively grow an Esteemed Engineering Company with an accountable, collaborative work environment that creates long lasting, trusted relationships while delivering our vision through a strong work ethic, ingenuity and prompt service.

Vision Statement

Our Vision is to provide cost-effective and enlightened solutions to the general public, our clients and our colleagues in the most efficient manner possible with integrity, creativity, and teamwork.

Core Values

  • Honor the Client’s wishes within the confines of the Laws, Rules and Codes.
  • To work unselfishly, as a team to accomplish the company’s vision on each project.
  • To teach and learn how to make ourselves, our co-workers, our clients and the general public better today than they were yesterday.
  • Accommodate flexibility in our work and personal lives to promote optimum performance in both arenas.
  • To be grateful for the work itself and allow reward to follow.
  • Our History

    Our parent company, Belt Construction Corp of Tampa, was founded by Townsend W. Belt in 1951. In 1989, Joseph W. Belt, P.E. established an engineering division within Belt Construction. After years of growth and success, the engineering division separated from the parent company, forming Belt Engineering, LLC in 2011. The two companies work independently from one another and also together on many different projects. Both companies are located within the same office which allows Belt Engineering the luxury of immediate contractor consultation and experience for any project that demands it. With an ever growing staff of licensed, professional engineers, engineering interns and draftsmen, we are the structural engineering company that is eager to get your job completed on time and within budget, no matter how large or small.


    Professional Engineer, PE :
    Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, North Carolina, New Mexico, Ohio, Texas, Pennsylvania, Virginia

    Tampa Office

    1503 W Busch Blvd
    Mon - Fri: 8am - 5pm
    Weekends: By appointment

    Why Choose Us?

    • Locally Owned & Operated
    • Professional Staff
    • Experience in Both Structural & Civil Engineering
    • Fast, Accurate Reporting

    Orlando Office

    9100 Conroy Windermere Rd, Ste 200
    Mon - Fri: Appointment Only
    Weekends: By appointment 

    Certified Masonry Inspector:
    Special Inspector, SI:
    Home Inspector:
    Roofing, CCC:

    Career Opportunities

    Structural Engineers, Civil Engineers, Designers, Structural Draftsmen, Marketing and Advertising experts.